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Tech veteran Black-i has introduced its DVI-D (24+1) MALE TO MALE 1.5 METER CABLE, and you should check out what's in it for you. This new age robust-looking DVI-D cable will enable you to connect to various outsource devices such as computers, laptops, graphic cards, and workstations. The DVI-D 24+1 MALE TO MALE CABLE can also connect to other DVI-enabled displays such as television, LCD or LED screens, monitors, and video walls for a profound experience.

Let's examine its features by highlighting what it has to offer you:

  • Like always, Black-i knows how important a great visual experience is, and considering the same; they offer you an improved output resolution of 1080P with its DVI-D CABLE.
  • The DVI-D (24+1) MALE TO MALE 1.5 METER CABLE can be linked with various input and output devices and delivers the utmost compatibility among different devices. 
  • Although the cable doesn't display analog signals but can be used with such devices.

Also, it supports a transmission speed of 165 MHz for a great visual experience and ensures consistency.

  • Both output-input exposed parts are plated with gold to prevent them from catching rust to make them long-lasting. Its durability further gets strong with the usage of copper and 28 AWG wire in the making process. 
  • Black-i also offers a three-year warranty on this device, but the claim turns void if the cable or cable pins are seen tampered with by a physical intervention. 

Other benefits to consider opting for it are;

  • The DVI-D cable can be connected to LCDs and can convey digital signals. This sole factor makes it more demanding.
  • With the help of gold plating in its exposed input and output ports, it can offer effective and optimal connectivity with any device.
  • The DVI-D (24+1) MALE TO MALE 1.5 METER is convenient to use in any situation and doesn't need special handling. 
  • It can be used for gaming and entertainment purposes at home, in educational institutes for presentations, and for explaining projects in a corporate environment. 

Considering the features mentioned above and benefits, Black-i seems to be the most promising company offering updated devices in its every launch. Also, providing satisfaction after buying services makes it stand apart from the crowd. 

You can always approach Black-i online for more queries before ordering any device. The time for changing your old device is now. Make sure you choose Black-i this time.

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