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Update to the latest, upgrade your technology with HDMI to VGA converter with audio 

Product color: BLACK.

High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) to Video graphics array (VGA) converter with audio

Enjoy the stereophonic quality of sound and video on the big screen of the LCD, projector, or TV with the help of Black-I's HDMI to VGA converter adapter cable. This ultra-modern HDMI to VGA cable adapter has been exclusively created to transfer and convert HDMI signals of most HDMI-enabled devices to VGA signals. As a result, you can view full format HD motion pictures, videos, photo albums, and other images with audio, on your favorite LED or LCD screen. The versatility of this converter enables its usage in a wide range of devices.


  • In-built Audio cable for high-quality sound.
  • High Resolution up to HDTV Input 1080p and output HDMI PC VGA Resolution: 1920 X 1080 at 60Hz
  • No external power is required.
  • Gold plated and hence non-corrosive and abrasion free
  • Plug and play feature enables it to function without any software and drivers.
  • Compatible with all devices having an HDMI source.
  • Improves the signal stability and transmission performance; hence reliable connection with no interruptions.
  • Increased cable durability.

You can connect the following devices having HDMI outputs:

Laptop, computer, DVD player, Blu-ray player, HD set-top box, or any other HDMI source to your computer monitor, HDTV, LED, LCD, or Projector having VGA input.

How to connect

This is as simple as 1-2-3. Simply plug & play

  1. Connect the HDMI connector of the adapter to your HDMI device (DVD, Blu-ray, media player, etc.)
  2. Connect the VGA female port of the adapter to the VGA cable of your monitor or projector.
  3. Turn on, both the HDMI device and the display device to enjoy (certain set-top boxes are not compatible)

How does it work?

Digital signals are converted to analog images in VGA. Unlike other HDMI to VGA adapters, it has unique features that can bring in audio, when connected to a device. Therefore, it comes along with an audio cable to ensure content arrives with good sound. The connector, which is made of Gold plating, improves the audio and video experience. It prevents corrosion and is widely compatible with many devices with HDMI.

Important note: This is a one-way device, it works from HDMI to VGA, but the reverse is not possible. This means that your source is from HDMI and the destination should be VGA. ONLY WORKS from HDMI Male Port (Input) to VGA Female Port (Output) But, NOT IN REVERSE direction.

HDMI male to VGA female adapter please use VGA (male) to VGA (male) cable which comes with the monitor to connect to the VGA port on HDMI to VGA converter adapter for optimum results.

The compact design of the HDMI to VGA adapter supports resolutions up to 1920×1080P Full HD. Therefore, it is best suited for high-definition monitors.

Broad compatibility

Compatible with a variety of devices having HDMI output viz: DVD player, Blu-ray player, laptop, computer, HD set-top box, or any other HDMI source.

Long life

High-end, made of sturdy plastic and automatic welding technique add Built-in advanced IC chip make a strong protective layer, anti-corrosion, good heat dissipation, appearance, and function are excellent. Being Gold plated connector, it resists corrosion and abrasion and improves the signal transmission performance without compromising the life of the product.

Thus, HDMI to VGA converter with audio is the ideal solution for connecting a computer or other HDMI source to a display with full HD video and audio support. May it be the confines of a classroom or the elaborate conference room, this versatile adapter provides a convenient solution for displaying video or other content.

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