USB Hubs

USB is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Most of our everyday gadgets require a USB connection in some way or another. So it is when a USB hub makes itself useful. USB hubs are now quite common and are used to expand the single USB port connectivity. They are usually used with laptops and computers that require connectivity level expansion. 

The article introduces you with the best in the market, Black-i USB hubs. Read ahead to explore. 

What is a USB Hub?


A USB hub is a handy way to add additional USB ports to a setup. It is a USB version of a regular plug extension lead that converts a single USB socket into a hub. After plugging a USB hub into the computer, you can use the additional ports for keyboards, mouse, and other USB devices from a single port. Thus, a USB hub lets you connect and operate two or more devices simultaneously.

Today, the new USB hubs are USB C Hubs, USB 3.0 compatible that can also work with USB 3.0, 2.0, and 1.0 devices. Black-i sells 10 in 1 hub which lets you connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Benefits of Black-i USB Hub

Benefit USB Hub

A Black-i multi-port USB hub lets you connect your devices to Ethernet, SD, HDMI, VGA, memory cards, etc. In addition, it increases the number of inbuilt USB ports on your computer or laptop. Thus, it provides enhanced productivity by eliminating the requirement of cable swapping for accessing different tangential devices. The significant benefits of using a Black-i multi-port USB hub are mentioned below.

Work From Anywhere

Many jobs require a computer and other additional devices like printers, scanners, plotters, etc. Such job workers can now efficiently operate from anywhere without needing to stay in an office. The Black-i multi-port USB Hub lets them connect their laptop or computer with all different devices simultaneously.

Enhances Operation

Many desktops with a CPU sitting beneath the desk make it challenging to connect other devices through USB. Such machines have USB ports installed in the CPU beneath and that too at the rear of the CPU, making them challenging to use frequently. The Black-i USB hub has all the USB ports in one line. You can connect it once to the CPU and use the hub’s ports for connecting other devices frequently.


The Black-i USB hub offers efficient and fast data transfer. Depending on your chosen model, their speed range varies between 1.5Mbit/s and 10Gbit/s. With this speed, you can get increased performance.

File Transfer

The Black-i multi-port USB Hub lets you transfer files to multiple devices at once. In addition, you can connect various devices and copy files to them all at once. Thus, it saves you the time of switching devices for storing data. 


The Black-i multi-port USB hub helps you perform multiple functions at a time. For example, it lets you simultaneously use a printer, scanner, and Pendrive. As a result, you can perform numerous activities at the same time.


Black-i multi-port USB hub is very beneficial, especially for operating various devices simultaneously. They provide additional capability to computers and laptops with limited USB ports. Furthermore, the black-i multi-port USB hub is user-friendly and affordable because they specialise in USB-related devices.