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We are living in a digitalized world and are surrounded by technological devices. We probably can't imagine our day-to-day work going fine if we don't own a few devices. But even after using a few devices daily, it is observed that maximum end users don't get the basic difference between devices and their advantages. They are just using them for their minimal purpose. However, they can use devices to their utmost capability and ensure smooth operations if properly informed. We will talk about the HDMI converter cable by Black-i in this article.

What Is An HDMI Cable?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Black-i ensures the cable uses High Definition signal to transfer high-definition audio and video signals through to HDMI converter from one device to another. Black-i HDMI converter effectively supports devices like TV, display monitors, PC, Laptops, DVD players, BlueRay players, Apple TV, Xbox, and PlayStations. You can use this HDMI cable for professional, entertainment, and educational purposes.

Difference Between 4k Copper HDMI Cable and 4k Optical HDMI Cable

4k Optical and 4k Copper HDMI Cable

1. The difference in Key Wires: 

Optical fiber HDMI cable includes an optical fiber key commonly made of optical glass fiber. At the same time, copper HDMI cables include copper keys and are updated versions, including pure silver and silver-plated wires. The difference in materials used in key wires is a major difference between copper and fiber HDMI cables.

2. The difference in chip:

When it comes to chips, optical fiber HDMI cable involves a chipped engine that converts optical to electric, requiring two optical to electric conversions to evident signal transmission. Wherein one optical converts electrical signal to optical, and then the optical signal is transferred to the optical fiber wire. Afterward, the optical signal is converted into an electric signal that witnesses the strong transmission of the signal from the source towards the display. On the other hand, the copper HDMI cable does not require two optical to electric conversions and adopts electric signal transmission.

3. The difference in transmission viability: 

As pointed above, the primary chip solution opted by the optical fiber HDMI cable and the copper HDMI cable differs; there is a difference in transmission performance. Because the optical to electric needs two conversions, the difference in transmission time taken by the optical fiber HDMI cable and the copper HDMI cable for a short cable is not major. If examined based on audio-visual performance, the copper key HDMI cable is preferred over the optical HDMI cable. 

Best 4k HDMI Cable

Black-i HDMI cable ensures higher compatibility, ease in handling, and durability. Thus, it is fine to go with a number of devices. So, if you need to buy a new HDMI converter cable and are wondering which one to opt for? You can always trust Black-i for its exceptional product quality and after-service commitments. Black-i is a 25-plus years experienced tech company that aims to deliver the latest technology ensuring utmost safety. Don't forget to check out its 8k HDMI cable.