Features And Compatibilities Of Type-C 10 In 1 Hub


The Black-i Type-C 10 In 1 hub is a device that is useful for every MacBook user. It provides blazingly fast data transfer and fast charging capacity. It is simply superb in delivering crystal clear, high-quality videos and audios as it supports up to 4K x 2K @60Hz Resolution.  

The USB Type-C 10 hub offers a user-friendly grip for a secure hold. The warm jacket of the cable makes it resistant to damage, improving the service and longevity of the cable. The Type-C 10 In 1 Hub material is perfect for use in different places and situations. 

The strong audio jack of the USB Type C to HDMI cable makes it easy for the headphones and earphones to connect. 

The most noticeable feature of the Type-C USB is that it charges and transfers data simultaneously. It can charge a MacBook or any USB-C-enabled laptop or notebook. The multiport of USB Type-C is compatible with all kinds of operating systems. 

Features of Type-C 10 in 1 Hub

  • The Black-i USB-C hub supports a high-end HDMI resolution of 4K*2K with a frequency of 30Hz and a VGA resolution of up to 1080 pixels with a frequency of 60Hz.  
  • The docking system of the USB-C port also supports both the extended mode and the mirror mode. 
  • The docking station of USB Type-C features an Ethernet port which provides a super-fast speed that gives a bandwidth in the range of 10/100/1000 MBps.  
  • The Type-C USB is a female port that provides power up to 200 Watt at 20 Volts and 5 Ampere current. At the same time, the 3.0 USB port helps charge the device and transmit data simultaneously.
  • The Ethernet port RJ45 supports 10MBps to 100MBps Local area network.  
  • The transmission of data from USB-C Type to RJ45 Ethernet port supports 10MBps to 100MBps RJ45 LAN.  
  • The giga byte ethernet port of the device allows you to have a more stable and fast-wired internet connectivity. 
  • USB 3.0 port allows data transmission at a super-speed of about 5GBps, which is 10x faster than the USB 2.0, which gives a transmission speed of around 480 GBps. This helps you to transfer large files in seconds.
  • It is accommodated with SD card reader slots to make the data transfer an easy process at high speed along with the TF card. 


  • The Type-C hub has a female port that can charge and transmit data in every MacBook, laptop that supports a Type-C USB port. 
  • USB-C type helps you connect your headphones and earphones through an audio jack.
  • All kinds of operating systems ranging from Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Ubuntu are supported by the USB Type-C adapter multiport feature. 

Devices with Type-C USB Compatibility 

  • Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac, MacBook Air, and iPad Pro.
  • Samsung Chromebook Pro, Chromebook Plus, Notebook, Galaxy Book, Galaxy Tab Pro, Samsung Tab S4/S5/S6.
  • Google Pixelbook, Chromebook Pixel
  • All the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book, and Lumia. 
  • DELL XPS 12/13/15, ThinkPad X1, Ideapad Air 12, Lenovo Yoga 720/910/920.
  • HP Spectre 13, Spectre X360, ENVY, HP EliteBook Folio G1
  • Matebook powered by Huawei
  • Acer Swift 7, Acer Chromebook, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air, Mi Notebook.


The USB Type-C 10 in 1 Hub gives you a visual treat at a high-end resolution of 4K UHD and high-speed data transfer along with 100 watts delivery of power. It’s high time that you grab your USB Type-C 10 in 1 from Black-i to kick start your device to work effectively and conveniently.