Features of a Good HDMI Cable

Light travels faster than sound is a science, but with HDMI cables you get both at the same time. So the question arises:

What is HDMI?

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a cable that is commonly used to transfer HD signal entailing both high definition audio and video. It is widely used in the commercial audio-visual verticals and is found in most homes as cables connecting various devices like Xbox, BluRay Player, Playstation; DVD Player, audio-visual receiver, and other electronic devices with the television. 

It is becoming a common trend where home audio-visual devices are being connected by this simple yet effective cable. HDMI also makes its appearance on laptops and personal computers, thus becoming the norm for commercial and corporate verticals – be it for education, digital signages, and presentations to name a few.

Black-i HDMI cable links a vast range of HDMI devices. It can be used to connect a small mobile, big-screen HDTV, home entertainment, huge projector or gaming device, or computer monitor, for example. 

Other unique selling propositions of a good HDMI cable:

  •  High data speed
  •  Composition
  •  Gripping ends
  •  Cable ethernet
  •  No lag
  •  Compatibility with other devices

We have the right size cable that fits your palm and your pocket, ranging from 10-100 metres. Gold plated ends ensure high-speed data transfer. It supports resolution of 4K @ 60Hz. It resists corrosion and supports 7.1 and other multi-channel digital audio output.  The compact and sturdy design makes it handy to carry. There is no need for an additional driver and is used as a plug-and-play cable. The Black-i HDMI cables are completely made in India. 

A sturdy cable is manufactured to cope with interference. Most homes have a lot of ‘noise’ be it the jam-packed rack, adjacent to electrical cables or devices. HDMI can be susceptible to such noises but the right amount of shielding around the cable can be a level booster.  

Watch those HD films and play HD games from your smartphone/laptop connected via HDMI cable on your high-definition/LED colour television. Whether it is business or fun we have the right cable solutions for you. 

Has there a situation arose where you need to send a 4K HDMI signal over 100 meters?

One method to achieve this by using ‘active’ HDMI cables. A passive cable connects between your components and transmits data directly from the source to the display. On the other hand, an active cable comprises a built-in signal booster that amplifies the data without any lag.

Few pointers for those using HDMI:

  • Cables must be placed firmly and the correct input is given to the output ports of all the components.
  • Check if the television’s output is selected for the HDMI port from where the source originated. 
  • Double-check if all components, including the amplifier if using, should be plugged in and turned on.  

Chances are low that your HDMI cable will pose any problems during the shelf-life. Switch to Black-i’s HDMI and USB solutions and don’t take a chance with ordinary cables. Make the most out of Black-i’s HDMI cables that ensure peace of mind with a limited lifetime warranty.


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