Perfect lightning cable


Lightning cable is essential for charging, and data transfer purposes for various models of Apple devices. USB C to Lightning Cable, A Snag Safe V3 Cable, USB A to Lightning Cable, Magsafe Chargers, and Wireless Charging Pad are among the best Lightning Cables. Undoubtedly, Apple products are high-quality products. They satisfy your expectations and become a status symbol of today's mobile culture. They are costly. So buying a perfect lighting cable becomes essential to get the best out of your device and make your expense worthwhile. 

Sometimes the makers provide the lighting cable with the product itself, but other times you have to buy it from the Apple store yourself. If you are purchasing the USB C  lighting cable from a third party, you must be careful about its authenticity and quality.

Moreover, using the original product enhances the performance of any electronic device and adds some more years to its life. Finding a perfect USB-C to lighting cable is like finding a needle in the grass. It's pretty tricky and risky. So to make your purchase simple, here is a guide. It will help you to pick up the best for your device.

Factors To Focus While Buying Lightning Cable

  • Buy An Original Product

It would be best if you preferred to buy an original USB C lightning cable. Original means the cable manufactured by Apple. Or you can purchase a cable from a third party that is MFi certified. MFi stands for Made For iPhone/iPod/iPads. It is the licensing program of Apple for the developers and manufacturers. You can easily recognize this by identifying the MFi logo on the products.

  • Model Number and Port Type

The next thing you must be careful about while choosing the suitable lightning cable is matching the model number and Port type of your device with the prospected cable.

  • Charging Priority Either Fast or Slow

The third thing to keep in mind is to consider the charging speed. For example, if you want fast charging of 18 watts for your lovely iPhone's 8, 9, 10, or later versions, ensure to pick a USB-C to lightning cable with a USB-C PD charger. Similarly, if you want a slow charging of about 12 watts, you can choose USB-A to lightning cables.

  • Other Multipurpose Lightning Cables

Buy Lightning cables with integrated adaptors like a USB-C to lightning cable for greater mobility. More options include cables of various lengths for various applications. In terms of durability, cables with metal tips and nylon/Kevlar casings are the best.

  • Word of Mouth

Besides these, you can also go with the opinions of your known people like your family, friends, relatives, neighbours, and colleagues to know about the suitable connecting cable for your particular device. If they have ever used the same, they can guide you better with their experience. Also, you can search online for various reviews on different lightning cables. It will help you understand the needs and requirements of your device much better, and you will be able to buy the best.


However, these things seem to be tricky, but if you follow the guide correctly, you can surely buy a product made for your Apple device. The simple logic is if you want a fast charging of your device, then buy a USB C to lightning cable. Get the best at the Black-i today.