HDMI Splitterr and HDMI Switchers

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is a cable connector that transmits high-quality, high-bandwidth audio and video streams between devices. The HDMI technology is used for Projector, HDTV, DVD players, or Blu-ray players.

A single HDMI cable can replace the three composite audio/video cables, making connecting two devices for transmitting audio and video signals easier. Today, many devices are developed related to HDMI cables for modifying or enhancing the HDMI signals. For example, some capture data from multiple sources and send it to a single display, whereas some take data from a single source and transmit it to various sources.

HDMI Splitter

HDMI Splitters

HDMI Splitter is a simple and versatile device that modifies HDMI signals. It sends an HDMI signal from one device to multiple displays. The Black-i HDMI splitters are simple, reliable, and powerful devices that let you share video signals to up to eight devices. In addition, they are v1.3b compatible with 1080p and 3D support. 

There are two different types of Black-i HDMI Splitters. They are

HDMI cable Splitter

HDMI cable Splitter is the primary form of Black-i HDMI splitter and is enough for most applications. It generally has one source from which it takes in data, splits the signal, and sends it out to two HDMI cables.

Network Cable HDMI Splitter

Network Cable HDMI Splitters are generally installed over places where signals are to be routed over longer distances. For example, cat 5E or Cat 6 cables transmit signals to much longer  distances.

Before buying a Black-i HDMI splitter, one must consider the resolution. It is necessary for the source and the displays to accommodate and adjust to the same resolution, usually the lowest common denominator for all the active HDMI devices.

HDMI Switch

HDMI Switch

An HDMI Switch takes a single HDMI line and switches them between two or more destinations. It allows multiple sources to be switched to a screen or television. It is ideal for television or display devices with insufficient HDMI inputs. It helps to switch between various inputs of the display device, TV, etc. and connects with multiple devices simultaneously. 

Black-i sells various kinds of HDMI Switches. However, you can choose the correct HDMI switcher for your home based on the following parameters.

No of Inputs

Before selecting an HDMI port, calculate how many connecting ports are required. If there is a requirement of connecting many devices, then one can opt for an 8-port switch, or a 4-port switch will be a better, sufficient, and economical option.

Picture Quality

Modern-day HDMI switches carry 4K and HDR streaming. Even if your TV does not support 4K, these switches can stream 1080, 720, or 360 pixels. However, you can opt for lesser resolution HDMI switches as they will cost less than 4K.

Audio Support Format

It is necessary to determine the kind of audio system your HDMI device is compatible with. For instance, the DTS audio format is compatible with standard TV speakers, whereas DTS-X is for home theatre systems. Few switches have earphone jacks as well.


Black-i HDMI Splitter and HDMI Switch are two different devices that serve two different purposes. Their functionality is very similar with a hair-line difference. Besides, Black-i also sells the best-in-class HDMI CABLES, CONVERTERS etc. All you need to do is analyse your requirement and choose the correct Black-i product accordingly.