Types of HDMI converters

A HDMI converter or connector is a significant input-output component in today’s entertainment equipment like TV. In modern households, we use HDMI to connect desktop computers to monitors. We also use it to connect TVs to set-top boxes, games, consoles, etc. 

You can now use the much acclaimed USB Type-C to HDMI cable to connect your phone (having the USB Type-C port) to external display devices such as TVs, projectors and other large displays. 

Meaning of HDMI

HDMI means high definition multimedia interface. HDMI connectors work more like cable-based plug and socket systems. HDMI connectors are known for the quality, bandwidth, and speed of the audio-visual signals they can carry. 

There are mainly three types of HDMI converters:

Standard HDMI (Type A): A standard HDMI connector supports bandwidth to support all SDTV EDTV and HDTV modes. It is about 0.55 inches wide. The connector dimension is 13.99mm x 4.45mm. This cable is most commonly used for HDTVs and displays. A standard HDMI is often confused with the DisplayPort.

A DisplayPort connector is very similar in size to an HDMI connector, but the shape is different. HDMI connector has a dog ear shape on both ends, whereas on a DisplayPort as a flat side at an angle on the other end.

Mini HDMI (Type C): Mini HDMI is intended for portable devices and is smaller than the standard HDMI. The connector is about 0.41 inches wide. The connector dimensions are 10.42mm x 2.42mm. It is most commonly used for laptops and tablets.

Micro HDMI (Type D): Micro HDMI is the smallest. It measures about 0.23 inches. This connector is about 5.9 mm x 2.5mm. It is most commonly used for tablets, smartphones, and cameras. If you were to line them all up, you would see the shapes of connectors are very similar, but the widths of each are very different. 

So with the above description and widths, you can now know which HDMI connector to use for your devices.

You can connect your laptop to another display device with the help of USB Type-C HDMI cable. Additionally if you are an apple fan, then it’s a double scoop. You can choose to select cheaper lesser known USB Type-C HDMI adapters or converters but you wouldn’t find an apt product like the flagship Black-i HDMI converters that offer you a lifelong, worry-free wholesome experience.


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