What does a USB port hub do?

A USB hub port is an easy way of making additional USB ports available for your multiple devices simultaneously. A USB hub generally comes with four ports. It would help if you had OTG to connect with the USB port hub.

With the help of a USB port hub, you can do the following:

Can use it for charging multiple devices: A USB hub port can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Be it a phone, tablet, or desk gadget; a USB hub port can charge all the devices at once. 

Useful for data transfer: You can use a USB port hub for data transfer. It is beneficial if you need to transfer data between several different devices. If you want to increase the speed of data transfer, then you can use a 3.0 USB port hub.

Can play games using mobile: You can play games like BGMI on mobile by connecting your mobile with a USB port hub and connecting your keyboard and mouse with a USB port hub. You can get a quality experience of playing this game using the USB port hub.

Can learn typing using it: Those who do not have a personal computer or laptop can learn to use typing through phone by connecting the USB port hub with keyboard and mouse and downloading a typing app from the play store.

Can use in place of a phone jack: If your phone's 3.5 mm jack is not working correctly, you can use a USB port hub. All you need to do is purchase a 3D sound card—this card gives you an option of external headphones and a microphone.

You can connect the sound card with the USB port hub and attach your earphone with it, and you can hear songs through your mobile.

Can use it if the USB port in laptop breaks down: In case the USB port in the laptop is not working, one can also use a USB port hub in place of the laptop's USB port and continue regularly using the laptop.

A USB port hub is a very compact, easy-to-carry device with multiple usages, and it is a helpful device to have.


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