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Black-i HDMI 2.0 OPTICAL CABLE (AOC) 4K@60Hz 50 Meter

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The HDMI 2.0 optical cable is used for optical fibre transmission and to convert HDMI signals into optical signals when connected to HDMI devices. It is mainly composed of two ends and a fibre line that is not affected by external radiations. Watch movies on a big screen with the best HDMI optical cable.

Specifications To Know

  • High quality and Durability

    Our user-friendly HDMI 2.0 cable is durable, lightweight and has a certified premium quality cover. Furthermore, the copper coating is temperature resistant to convey high-quality data. The transmission of signals can reach more than 100 meters without any interference. This insulated cable transmits data without loss in its pathway because of its zero impedance.

  • Output resolution

    The HDMI 2.0 optical cable supports a 4k@60Hz signal with a speed of 10.2 Gbps. It is designed with superior durable copper material. The cable lessens the burden of less realistic video signals. It combines both audio and video data simultaneously. Hence, you can buy this versatile and highly recommended product.

  • Audio Support

    Interestingly, there will be no requiremenforof a separate ethernet cable for an internet connection. It is a single control point for supporting 192KHz audio output. From allowing sharing of the internet to delivering clear videos, the HDMI optical cable has a lot to offer. It's gold plated connectors control the digital signal.

  • Warranty

    This highly compatible HDMI cable meets the standards of the latest technologies. You get a 3 years replacement warranty on the best HDMI optical cable.


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Product Meter4K@60Hz 50 Meter
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