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Type-C 4 in1 Hub ; HDMI / VGA / USB 3.0 / PD

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Black-i has designed this perfect 4-in-1 hub to support a multitasker's needs and connect with multiple devices. Designed to offer efficient connectivity and speed, this 4-in-1 hub has HDMI, VGA, USB 3.0 & PD, which is just amazing. Learning about the unique technical specifications of the same makes it even a better choice to make.

Specifications To Know

  • Dual display 

Supporting the dual-display option with optimum clarity allows the users to simplify their work a great deal. It comes with HDMI (4k@30Hz) and VGA (1920*1080p @ 60Hz), which are the best choices for clarity. A resolution of 1080P @ 60Hz is supported with the VGA, the highest resolution available on any VGA display. As a result, when utilizing this, you will not encounter any grainy or distorted photos or videos.

  • Display extension

When using the dual-display option, note that it will extend only the laptop display. The rest of the dual-display options will mainly be the mirror displays that will work to minimize your efforts and work. 

  • Design feature

The design is great in terms of durability, quality, and dependability. It's composed of aluminum to make transfer smoother and easier. This Black-i Type-C 4 in1 Hub; HDMI / VGA / USB 3.0 / PD is, without a doubt, an excellent pick.

  • Speed

When it comes to working, speed is everything. The hub allows you to transport data at up to 5 GBPS, allowing you to save time and speed up your work.

  • Charging speed

This is something that you might be looking for. The Type-C PD charging supports 100watt input, allowing better connectivity and charging speed for ease of work.

Benefits of HDMI

  • It provides improved video quality and lossless transmission.
  • It makes device connectivity easier.
  • It provides signal integrity, allowing HD material to be transmitted without degradation or change.
  • It secures data transmitted via cables by providing authentication and encryption.
  • It features automatic settings and two-way communication.
  • It has a DVI port that is backward compatible.
  • Multi-channel surround sound, 702p, 1080p, 1080i, PAL, NTSC, conventional stereo, and more are supported through HDMI.

Benefits of VGA

  • VGA can readily connect to various computers and televisions, particularly CRT monitors. As a result, you can use it to power an outdated computer and television.
  • VGA also allows for a greater refresh rate, allowing better motion and quicker reaction.

It's time to take your operations to the next level with this perfect Type-C 4 in1 Hub; HDMI / VGA / USB 3.0 / PD device offered by Black-i. This is all you need, offered at the most affordable price and compatible with all the laptops and systems. Additionally, you can use both HDMI and VGA simultaneously, which is a USP to look for.

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