Black-i AV to HDMI Signal Converter

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Elevate your connectivity with the BLACK-I AV to HDMI Converter – the optimal solution for seamless audio and video signal conversion to HDMI. Tailored to bridge the gap between older AV equipment and modern HDMI displays, this converter ensures a smooth transition for all your multimedia needs.

Key Features:

Versatile Conversion: Tailored for AV (Red, Yellow, White) and CVBS (Composite audio and video) input formats, the BLACK-I AV to HDMI Converter enables effortless conversion of audio and video signals to HDMI output. Connect your legacy AV equipment to modern displays with ease.

Video Input Standards: Supports various video input standards, including PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PALIM, PAL/N, and HDCP Compatible. Enjoy compatibility with a wide range of sources for a hassle-free connectivity experience.

Output Signal Options: Choose from HDMI output options, including 1080p@60Hz and 720p@60Hz, ensuring your content is presented at your preferred resolution. Enjoy high-quality visuals on modern displays with ease.

Output Signal Selector: The output signal selector provides flexibility, allowing you to choose your desired resolution based on different display needs. Customize your viewing experience effortlessly.

USB Power Required: USB power is mandatory for operation, and a USB cable is included in the package for your convenience. The Black-i AV to HDMI Converter ensures a hassle-free setup with its USB power requirement.

Upgrade your connectivity with the BLACK-I AV to HDMI Converter. Whether you're connecting older AV equipment to modern HDMI displays or switching between resolutions, this converter offers simplicity and versatility. Ensure seamless signal conversion for your audio and video needs, and experience a new level of connectivity with ease. Order now and enhance your audio-visual connectivity effortlessly!