Black-i HDMI to DisplayPort Converter

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Upgrade your connectivity with the BLACK-I HDMI 2.0 to Display Port Converter, delivering seamless HDMI to Display Port connectivity with support for 4K@30Hz resolution. Designed to bridge the gap between HDMI-enabled laptops or desktops and Display Port-equipped displays or projectors, this converter ensures a smooth and elevated viewing experience. Enjoy versatile connectivity, 3D video streaming, and HDCP compatibility for an enhanced visual experience.

Key Specifications:

Versatile Connectivity: This converter is your key to connecting HDMI devices, such as laptops or desktops, to Display Port-enabled displays or projectors.

3D Video Streaming: Enjoy the convenience of 3D video data streaming, allowing you to stream video files without the need for downloads or disruptions.

4K@30Hz Resolution: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear visuals with support for 4K@30Hz resolution, ensuring high-quality video without signal or quality disturbances.

HDCP Compatibility: This converter supports HDCP 1.4/2.2, enabling you to view high-resolution videos without any signal or quality disruptions.

USB Power Required: A USB power source is required for operation, providing the necessary power for reliable and efficient signal conversion.

Plug and Play: No drivers are needed, and this converter is compatible with all operating systems, making setup a breeze.

Upgrade your HDMI connectivity with the BLACK-I HDMI 2.0 to Display Port Converter. Whether for home or office use, this converter ensures a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience, allowing you to enjoy high-quality video streaming without any hassle. Experience reliable performance and efficiency with BLACK-I solutions.