Black-i HDMI 2 in 1 Out KVM Switch 4K

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Upgrade your productivity with the Black-i 2-Port HDMI KVM Switch, a powerful device that enables you to connect two CPUs to a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This switch simplifies the management of multiple computers, allowing you to switch between them easily and hassle-free for a more efficient workflow.

Key Features:

Seamless Connectivity: Connect two CPUs to one monitor, keyboard, and mouse effortlessly, streamlining your workspace and eliminating the need for multiple peripherals.

Video Output Resolution: Enjoy high-quality video output with support for resolutions up to 4k@30Hz (up to 5-meter cable length) and 1080p@60Hz (for cable lengths beyond 5 meters). This ensures clear and vibrant visuals for an enhanced viewing experience.

HDMI 1.4 Standards: Compliant with HDMI 1.4 standards, the switch adheres to industry protocols, providing a reliable and standardized connection for your devices.

Adaptive EDID: The switch features Adaptive EDID, allowing it to adapt to a variety of complex applications, ensuring optimal compatibility between source devices and the display.

Convenient Hotkey Switching: Switch between CPUs easily using convenient hotkeys (Ctrl + Ctrl 1 or 2 & Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock 1 or 2). Additionally, a manual switch is provided for added flexibility.

Auto Adjustment System: The built-in auto adjustment system synchronizes source and display devices to transmit smooth, clear, and stable images, enhancing the overall visual experience.

ESD Protection: Built-in ESD protection safeguards CPUs and monitors, preventing damage and ensuring the longevity of your devices.

Easy Installation - Plug & Play: The switch is easy to install with a plug-and-play setup. No additional power is required, simplifying the installation process for a hassle-free experience.

Complete Package: The box includes 2 HDMI cables, 2 USB cables, and 1 manual, providing you with everything you need for a seamless setup.

1-Year Warranty: The Black-i 2-Port HDMI KVM Switch comes with a 1-year warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of its quality. Note that the warranty is void if the product is physically damaged.

Upgrade your productivity effortlessly with the Black-i 2-Port HDMI KVM Switch. Efficiently manage multiple CPUs with ease, enjoy high-quality video output, and experience a streamlined workspace for enhanced workflow. This switch is designed for convenience, reliability, and performance, making it an essential tool for any multitasking environment. Order now and elevate your workspace experience!