Black-i HDMI Over LAN Extender up to 150 Meters

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Upgrade your HDMI connectivity with the BLACK-I HDMI Extender, a reliable solution designed for extending HDMI signals over a single Cat6 cable. This extender provides high-resolution support up to 1080P and is crafted to meet the demands of various applications requiring long-distance transmission of high-quality HDMI signals. Experience a reliable, high-performance, and efficient method for HDMI signal extension.

Key Specifications:

Long-Distance Extension: Extend audio and video signals up to a resolution of 1080P over a distance of up to 150 meters using a Cat6 cable. This provides exceptional flexibility for your setup, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

HDMI 1.2 & HDCP 1.2 Compliance: Compliant with HDMI 1.2 and HDCP 1.2 standards, ensuring compatibility with a variety of devices and content protection protocols.

Automatic Syntonisation System: The built-in automatic syntonisation system ensures a clear and stable image transmission, maintaining optimal visual quality over the extended distance.

Loop Out Option: Take advantage of the loop-out option through HDMI for additional display possibilities, allowing you to connect extra displays as needed.

One to Many Option: Expand your connectivity options by connecting to a 1000Mbps switch, enabling the support of up to 253 receivers. This provides a one-to-many configuration for versatile applications.

Power Adapters Included: The package includes 2* 5V 1A adapters, ensuring you have the necessary power supply for your HDMI extender setup.

1-Year Replacement Warranty: BLACK-I offers a 1-year replacement warranty, providing peace of mind and support for your investment. Experience reliable performance backed by warranty coverage.

Enhance your HDMI connectivity with the BLACK-I HDMI Extender. Whether for professional AV setups, commercial applications, or multimedia setups requiring long-distance transmission, this extender ensures you can efficiently extend HDMI signals with high resolution and reliability. Elevate your connectivity experience with the performance and efficiency of BLACK-I solutions.