Black-i HDMI to AV Converter

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Upgrade your connectivity with the BLACK-I HDMI to AV Converter (BI-HDAV). This converter is designed to seamlessly transform HDMI signals into audio and video (AV) output, making it the ideal solution for bridging HDMI devices to older AV equipment. Experience simplicity and versatility with this efficient signal conversion device.

Key Specifications:

Versatile Conversion: Designed for HDMI input devices, allowing you to convert HDMI signals to audio and video (AV) output.

Video Scaling: Efficiently converts HDMI signals into 576 and 480i (PAL/NTSC) video signals through scale-down video processing.

Digital Processing Chip: Utilizes a digital processing chip to seamlessly transform HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) into analog audio and video signals.

Output Signal Selector: Choose between NTSC and PAL options with the output signal selector, ensuring compatibility with your display or AV equipment.

USB Power Required: This converter requires USB power for operation, and a USB cable is included in the package for your convenience.

Upgrade your connectivity seamlessly with the BLACK-I HDMI to AV Converter (BI-HDAV). Whether you need to connect HDMI devices to older AV equipment or wish to switch between NTSC and PAL options, this converter offers simplicity and versatility, ensuring seamless signal conversion for your audio and video needs. Experience reliable performance and efficiency with BLACK-I solutions.