Black-i HDMI to DVI Cable – High-Definition Connectivity for Crisp Visuals and Seamless Multimedia Transmission

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Length Available: 1.5m

Upgrade your desktop connectivity with the BLACK-I HDMI to DVI-D (24+1) Cable, offering versatile bi-directional connectivity between HDMI laptops, desktops, and DVI-D enabled projectors, televisions, LCDs, and LED monitors. This cable ensures enhanced visual quality and supports output resolutions of up to 1080P, providing a superior viewing experience.

Key Specifications:

Bi-Directional Connectivity: This HDMI to DVI-D cable allows you to connect HDMI source devices to DVI-D displays or DVI-D source devices to HDMI displays, offering flexibility for your multimedia setup.

Supported Resolution: Enjoy high-quality visuals with support for output resolutions of up to 1080P, ensuring clear and sharp images on your display.

Compatibility: This cable can also be used with DVI-I (24+5) input and output devices, although it won't carry analog signals. It is designed with 30 AWG for superior quality.

Gold-Plated Connectors: Both the HDMI and DVI connectors are gold-plated, enhancing durability, preventing rust, and ensuring reliable connections.

High Transfer Speed: Video signals support a transfer speed of up to 165MHz, capable of enhancing video quality without flickering.

Length Availability: Choose from various cable lengths, including 1.5 meters, 3 meters, and 5 meters to suit your specific needs.

Enhance your HDMI and DVI-D connections with the BLACK-I HDMI to DVI-D (24+1) Cable. Whether it's for work, presentations, gaming, or entertainment, this cable ensures reliable and high-quality connectivity, providing an enriched visual experience for your desktop setup.


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