Black-i Mini HDMI to HDMI 4k Cable 2 Meter

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Experience Seamless Connectivity: The BLACK-I Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable is your solution for connecting Mini HDMI-equipped devices, including cameras, laptops, and CCTV, to HDMI monitors or projectors. Elevate your multimedia experience by effortlessly sharing and viewing content on larger screens.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wire Quality: Crafted with 30 AWG wire, the cable ensures higher durability, providing a reliable and consistent connection for an extended lifespan.

  • Display Resolution: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with support for a maximum display resolution of 4k@60Hz (2160*3840), delivering clarity and vibrancy to your content.

  • Data Transfer Speed: Experience swift and efficient data transmission with the cable's capability to handle speeds of 18Gbps, ensuring a smooth and seamless connection.

  • ARC Compatibility: Benefit from Audio Return Channel (ARC) support, enabling the cable to transmit both video and audio signals. Enjoy audio output at 192Khz for a complete multimedia experience.

  • Ethernet Enabled: The cable features Ethernet capability, eliminating the need for an additional Ethernet cable. Share internet connectivity effortlessly across multiple devices.

  • Wide Device Compatibility: With compatibility across various devices such as Blu-ray players, Xbox, DVD players, desktops, laptops, monitors, and projectors, this cable caters to your diverse connectivity needs.

  • 3-Year Replacement Warranty: Gain confidence in your purchase with a 3-year replacement warranty, offering assurance of reliable and durable performance. Please note that the warranty is void if the product is physically damaged.