Black-i USB 2.0 Printer Cable

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Size: 1.5M

Effortlessly connect your desktop or laptop to printers, fax machines, Xerox machines, or all-in-one machines with the Black-i USB 2.0 Printer Cable. Enjoy reliable data transfer with a high-quality cable designed for superior performance.

Key Specifications:

Oxygen-Free Cable: The Black-i USB 2.0 Printer Cable features an oxygen-free cable design, ensuring no loss in data transfer and maintaining the integrity of your printed documents.

High-Speed USB 2.0: Equipped with a USB 2.0 port, this cable supports a speedy 480Mbps transfer rate. Experience efficient and quick data transfers between your computer and printer for seamless printing tasks.

Pure Copper Construction: Constructed with pure copper cable, this printer cable offers superior quality and high durability. The pure copper ensures stable and reliable connections, minimizing signal interference and providing a consistent printing experience.

Upgrade your printer connectivity with the Black-i USB 2.0 Printer Cable. Whether for home or office use, this cable is designed to provide a stable and efficient connection between your computer and printer. Enjoy the benefits of oxygen-free cable technology, high-speed USB 2.0, and the durability of pure copper construction for your printing needs. Elevate your printing experience with the Black-i USB 2.0 Printer Cable.