Black-i USB-C 11-in-1 DisplayLink Docking Station

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Black-i Type-C 11 in 1 Display Link Docking Station: Ultimate Connectivity Hub

The Black-i Type-C 11 in 1 Display Link Docking Station is a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your connectivity experience with any Type-C-enabled laptop or desktop. This docking station is equipped with an array of ports and features, providing versatility and functionality. Let's delve into the specifications and key features:


  1. Triple Display Support:

    • The docking station offers triple display support, featuring 1 Display Port and 2 HDMI ports. These ports support impressive 4k resolution at a smooth 60Hz with extended and mirror mode options. Experience enhanced productivity with multiple displays for efficient multitasking.
  2. High-Speed Ethernet Port:

    • The Ethernet port supports speeds of up to 1Gbps, ensuring a stable and reliable network connection. Whether you're working, streaming, or gaming, this docking station provides seamless internet connectivity.
  3. USB 3.0 Ports:

    • Two USB 3.0 ports are included, supporting data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. Connect external hard drives, flash drives, or other USB peripherals for fast and efficient data transfer.
  4. Power Delivery (PD) Port:

    • The PD port supports up to 100 watts of charging power, allowing you to charge your laptop while using the docking station. This feature ensures that your device stays powered throughout your work or entertainment sessions.
  5. Audio and Headphone Ports:

    • The 3.5mm audio and headphone ports enable you to connect headsets and microphones, enhancing your audio experience. Enjoy clear sound for communication, music, or video calls.
  6. CF and Micro SD Card Reader:

    • The docking station features a CF and micro SD card reader that supports both read and write functions. This allows for convenient access to your camera's memory cards or other storage devices.
  7. Compatibility:

    • Compatible with all kinds of operating systems and Type-C ports, this docking station ensures broad usability across various platforms. Whether you're using Windows, macOS, Linux, or another operating system, the Black-i docking station has you covered.
  8. Driver Requirement:

    • The dock requires drivers to be downloaded for optimal functionality and is not plug and play. Users can download the required software from Synaptics DisplayLink Downloads. Ensure that you have the latest drivers to unlock the full potential of the docking station.

The Black-i Type-C 11 in 1 Display Link Docking Station is a powerhouse of connectivity, providing a multitude of ports for diverse needs. From high-resolution displays to fast data transfer, charging capabilities, and versatile card reading options, this docking station is an essential addition to your workstation. Download the necessary drivers and enjoy a seamless and feature-rich connectivity experience with this advanced docking solution.