Black-i USB-C 8 in 1 Docking Station

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Comprehensive Connectivity Hub: Black-i Type-C 8-in-1 Docking Station

The Black-i Type-C 8-in-1 Docking Station is a feature-rich solution designed to elevate your connectivity options, providing a multitude of interfaces for enhanced productivity and versatility. Here's a closer look at its technical specifications and capabilities:

Technical Specifications:

  1. Dual HDMI Video Output:

    • Supports dual HDMI monitors simultaneously. On Windows laptops, it enables a video output resolution of 1080P@60Hz when connected to two HDMI monitors. For Mac OS, the supported resolution is 4k@30Hz with dual HDMI monitors.
  2. USB-C Power Delivery (PD):

    • USB-C port supports 100W Power Delivery charging, ensuring efficient and rapid charging for your connected devices. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who require continuous power for their laptops or other Type-C devices.
  3. Gigabit LAN (RJ45):

    • Equipped with a Gigabit LAN port that supports 100/1000Mbps ethernet speed. This ensures a stable and high-speed internet connection, ideal for scenarios where reliable network connectivity is crucial.
  4. USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Ports:

    • USB 3.0 port supports a data transfer speed of 5Gbps, facilitating swift and efficient file transfers. Additionally, a USB 2.0 port is available with a data transfer speed of 480 Mbps, providing flexibility for connecting various USB devices.
  5. SD and Micro SD Card Slots:

    • Includes SD and Micro SD card slots for reading and writing memory cards. This feature simplifies the process of accessing and transferring data from your camera, smartphone, or other devices.
  6. Mirror Mode and Extended Mode:

    • Supports mirror mode on all operating systems, allowing users to duplicate their screens for presentations or collaborative work. On Windows laptops, when extended, all screens can be utilized independently. On Mac laptops, only the laptop screen can be extended, with the additional screen mirroring the laptop.
  7. Compatibility:

    • Mirror mode is supported by all operating systems. Extended mode on Windows laptops provides independent functionality for each screen, while on Mac laptops, it extends the laptop screen, with the additional screen mirroring the laptop.

In summary, the Black-i Type-C 8-in-1 Docking Station offers a comprehensive set of features, making it an excellent choice for users who demand versatile connectivity options. Whether you need dual HDMI outputs, high-speed data transfer, Power Delivery charging, or a range of other interfaces, this docking station provides a convenient and efficient solution for your connectivity needs.