Black-i USB-C to DisplayPort 4K Converter

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Seamless Display Connectivity: Black-i Type-C to DisplayPort Converter

The Black-i Type-C to DisplayPort Converter is your go-to solution for connecting your Type-C enabled device to an external monitor or projector equipped with DisplayPort functionality. This compact and efficient converter brings versatility and high-resolution display output to your fingertips. Let's explore its key specifications:

Key Specifications:

  1. Cable Length:

    • Compact at 150 millimeters (mm), offering flexibility in setup and portability. The short cable length ensures a tidy and manageable connection between your Type-C device and the DisplayPort monitor or projector.
  2. Interface:

    • Type-C Input; DisplayPort Output. The reversible Type-C input ensures a hassle-free and convenient connection, while the DisplayPort output caters to external monitors and projectors.
  3. Supported Resolution:

    • Impressive 4k@60Hz (3840*2160) resolution support. Experience high-quality visuals with sharp details and vibrant colors on your external display, enhancing your overall viewing experience.
  4. Compatibility:

    • Works seamlessly with Type-C/USB-C equipped devices or devices supporting DisplayPort Alternate mode. This broad compatibility ensures that the converter can be easily integrated into various setups.
  5. Display Modes:

    • Supports both mirror mode and extended mode. Choose the mode that suits your preferences, whether you need to duplicate your screen for presentations or extend your desktop for multitasking.
  6. Construction:

    • Made with an aluminum alloy body for enhanced durability. The sturdy build not only ensures longevity but also provides a robust casing for sustained and reliable performance.
  7. Operating System Compatibility:

    • Supports Mac OS, Windows 7/8/10, Chromebook, and NS Pixel. This wide-ranging compatibility ensures that the converter seamlessly works with different operating systems, catering to diverse user needs.

In summary, the Black-i Type-C to DisplayPort Converter offers a reliable and efficient solution for extending or mirroring your display. With its short and portable cable length, support for 4k resolution, durable aluminum alloy body, and broad compatibility, it's a valuable accessory for enhancing your visual connectivity experience.