Black-i DisplayPort to HDMI 4K Cable

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Size: 1.8M

Upgrade your visual connectivity with the Black-i Display Port to HDMI Cable, an innovative solution meticulously designed to effortlessly link your laptop or desktop, equipped with a Display Port, to an external monitor boasting an HDMI port. Whether for work or leisure, this cable guarantees a seamless and high-quality connection to elevate your visual experience.

Key Features:

Resolution Support: Choose the cable length that suits your needs. The 1.8-meter cable supports an impressive 4K resolution at 30Hz, providing stunning visuals, while the 3-meter cable delivers a clear 1080p resolution at 60Hz. Enjoy flexibility based on your display requirements.

Display Modes: Experience flexibility with mirror and extended modes, allowing you to tailor your display setup to perfection. Whether you need to duplicate your screen or extend your desktop, the Black-i Display Port to HDMI Cable has you covered.

Length Options: Select from two convenient lengths - 1.8 meters and 3 meters - ensuring you have the right cable for your specific requirements. Choose the length that fits your setup and provides the flexibility you need.

Revamp your connectivity with the Black-i Display Port to HDMI Cable. This cable is perfect for work or leisure, providing a seamless and high-quality connection that elevates your visual experience. Whether you're giving presentations, working on projects, or enjoying multimedia content, trust in the reliability and performance of the Black-i Display Port to HDMI Cable to meet your connectivity needs. Elevate your visuals; order now and experience a new level of connectivity excellence!