Black-i DVI 24+1 to HDMI Female Converter

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Enhance your connectivity seamlessly with the Black-i DVI to HDMI Converter, a versatile adapter designed to seamlessly connect a DVI-enabled monitor to an HDMI desktop or laptop, or vice versa—linking an HDMI-enabled monitor to a DVI desktop or laptop. This bi-directional converter provides flexibility for a variety of display configurations.

Technical Specifications:

Bi-Directional Connectivity: The Black-i DVI to HDMI Converter supports both DVI to HDMI and HDMI to DVI connections, making it an ideal solution for versatile connectivity needs. This adapter ensures a seamless and reliable connection in either configuration.

DVI-I (24+1) and (24+5) Connection: The adapter supports both DVI-I (24+1) and DVI-I (24+5) connections, expanding compatibility to a wide range of DVI-enabled devices. This flexibility allows you to connect various devices without compatibility concerns.

Gold-Plated Pins: Enjoy enhanced durability with gold-plated pins. The gold plating ensures a stable and long-lasting connection, providing superior conductivity for optimal signal transmission.

Resolution Support: Immerse yourself in high-definition visuals with support for 1080P@60Hz. Whether you are working on a project, gaming, or enjoying multimedia content, the Black-i DVI to HDMI Converter delivers clear and crisp images for an immersive viewing experience.

Upgrade your connectivity effortlessly with the Black-i DVI to HDMI Converter. Whether you need to connect a DVI monitor to an HDMI device or vice versa, this adapter offers a reliable, bi-directional solution with support for various DVI-I connections. The gold-plated pins and support for 1080P@60Hz ensure a high-quality connection, providing you with the versatility and durability needed for your diverse display needs. Elevate your visual experience with the Black-i DVI to HDMI Converter. Order now and enjoy seamless, bi-directional connectivity!