Black-i 9 Pin Serial RS232 Female to Female 1.8 Meter Cable

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Introducing the Black-i 9-pin Serial Female to Female Cable, a reliable solution designed to establish seamless connections between your computer and devices equipped with an RS-232 compatible (COM) interface. This cable, featuring gold-plated DB9 connectors on each end with screws for a secure connection, ensures stable and uninterrupted data communication.

Key Features:

  1. Gold-Plated DB9 Connectors with Screws:

    Benefit from the stability of gold-plated DB9 connectors that provide a secure and reliable connection. The inclusion of screws further ensures that your data communication remains stable, minimizing the risk of interruptions.

  2. High-Quality Copper Construction:

    Crafted from high-quality copper, this cable guarantees reliable performance and durability. The use of copper in the construction enhances conductivity, allowing for efficient data transfer without signal degradation.

  3. 30AWG Wire Gauge:

    The cable boasts a 30AWG wire gauge, indicating the thickness and flexibility of the wire. This ensures optimal signal transmission and flexibility, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

  4. Standard 1-1 Straight Connection:

    The cable features a standard 1-1 straight connection, simplifying the setup process. This configuration makes it versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices that use RS232C interfaces.

  5. Wide Range of Applications:

    Whether you need to connect your PC or laptop to RS232C equipment such as scanners, modems, printers, plotters, cameras, barcode/embroidery machines, touchscreens, or microcontrollers, this cable is designed to meet your diverse connectivity needs.

  6. Generous Length of 1.8 Meters:

    With a generous length of 1.8 meters, this cable provides flexibility and convenience in connecting your devices. The extended length ensures that you can establish connections without being restricted by proximity.

Upgrade your connectivity with the Black-i 9-pin Serial Female to Female Cable, offering robust construction, reliable performance, and versatility for various RS-232 applications. Whether you're in an industrial setting, dealing with electronic equipment, or establishing connections in a professional environment, this cable is your dependable solution.